Occupational Therapy Public Participation labs

ot studentWhen asked about the necessity of clinical experience to graduate from college, Michelle Agbayani, an occupational therapy student said, “To answer your question, yes; academically, clinic is a course I need to graduate from the OT master’s program. Personally, clinic is a course I am using to improve my skills and continue learning in a realistic setting.”  This program, free occupational therapy on college campuses, is called, “Occupational therapy community participation lab.”  In order to graduate, occupational therapy students are required to have clinical experience and they receive their practice by working with the public for free.  By becoming a public participant in the occupational therapy lab you can expect:

  • A student ran, supervised by licensed occupational therapy faculty, clinic setting
  • An initial assessment
  • Home evaluation
  • Customized home programs
  • Exercises to tasks of daily living
  • Goal setting based upon clients needs and working towards goal completion
  • Interventions to address the client’s goals for a specific area of functioning

The occupational therapy participation lab is an opportunity for students to receive the the clinical experience needed to graduate by providing free service to the public.  To locate free occupational therapy, contact the kinesiolgy department at a college near you.

My name is Nolan McDonnell and I am a TBI survivor.  I am sharing with you my TBI treatments and how I received occupational therapy for free.  Occupational therapy was a TBI treatment that I found greatly beneficial and thought you might as well.  If you have any suggestions, or want to add a TBI treatment to this website, leave them in the comments below.

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