The Benefits of water Therapy and Water Based Exercises

Water therapy has been gaining popularity over the past few decades, but, what is the difference water and land based therapy programs?


watertherapyAccording to Billy Fischer, water therapy researcher, “Water therapy has the capacity to cause not only major changes to our mental and physical health but also ranging changes, activating nearly all our muscles simultaneously.”  What is more, there is a unique type of movement endemic to bodies of water, which makes it possible to improve balance and build strength – all while relaxing the body, creating a type of synergy, on the one hand exercising the muscles and the other hand taking pressure off of them. It is also possible that water therapy may improve dynamic balance, lending itself not only to agility but to the mind-body connection as a whole.  Likewise, there is a magic in the water, a reduction in the impact of gravity on our bodies, that we would never be able to access on dry land,  Water is refreshing to the body and mood  which has therapeutic benefits of it’s own.






  • Water therapy buoyancy supports approximate 70 to eighty percent of body mass which allows movement in water to be a lot easier than land.

  • Water is twelve times more resistant and 1,000 times more resistant than air.  This produces a drag which intensifies exertion levels thus results in more effective exercise.

  • Sensory input from water pressure and temperature may decrease feelings of pain.

  • Provides similar health benefits as land-based exercises with lower impact.

  • Safer environment for people with medical conditions to rehabilitate and train muscles.

watertherapyfortbi2Although it would be unfair and totally subjective to say that any therapy is superior to any others, water therapy may be the one thing that everyone should check out at some time or another.


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