tbi resources

The Power of Perspective Book + (2) Stickers

The Power of Perspective is a book written with the intention to motivate and inspire TBI warriors and care givers. The book is full of inspirational quotes, messages, and stories about overcoming adversity. This order comes with two The Fight is Worth It stickers at no additional cost.


tbi resources

The Fight is Worth It Sticker

The “Fight Is Worth It” Sticker was designed to raise brain injury awareness and to remind survivors that the fight is 100% worth it. It’s an excellent way to remind yourself or a loved one to fight each and every day for recovery. Place the “Fight Is Worth It” motivational sticker where it can be seen every day as a powerful message to those tempted to give up. In your bedroom, on your laptop, the fridge, a journal, or any other place where you can see it daily and feel motivated to keep fighting. When you get to the place you want to be, the sticker can remind you of your struggles and the strength you built up to get there.


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