Tai Chi for TBI

TBITREATMENT.ORGTai chi is technically in ancient Chinese martial art. In tai chi, you perform a series of flowing, slow movements linked with specific breathing patterns.  Since the activity does not create a lot of stress on the joints, the flowing movements can be easily modified.  Tai Chi is a great choice for individuals with physical challenges, who are older, or recovering from brain injury.




TBITREATMENT.ORGResearchers from University of South Florida and  Fudyan, a university in Shanghai, studied three people who regularly practiced tai chi three times a week. They had found that their brains increased in size, compared to those who didn’t. Further, people who practice tai chi did better on memory and learning tests.  Additionally, research has found this activity to be helpful for mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical elements, such as arthritis and issues with balance, all of which are common TBI side effects.



Tai chi involves complex physical movements which encourages body-brain connections while improving memory and focus.  With that said, practicing tai chi helps keep your brain flexible and active.  For being a low impact exercise tai chi has a high impact on the brain, especially for memory and brain development. 


Benefits of Tai Chi











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