Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue After TBI

brain fogIf you have a traumatic brain injury and you’re trying to recover, then you probably often feel mentally fatigued and foggy.

The severity can depend on your level of rehabilitation required and what you went through personally. Fortunately, there are natural solutions that may help you recover quickly and more effectively.


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Basic Strategies

First, there are the fundamental strategies to implement that anyone should easily be able to do. This includes several things.


Amantadine is prescription stimulant that  has side-effects such as lifting head fog, improved motor planning, a decrease in fatigue, and an increase in energy and overall function.  This medication has been occupational therapist recommended and being a low risk medication, it could be worth a try.  Little research has been conducted for traumatic brain injury treatment however, Amantdine has given positive results to many TBI survivors so it might help you as well.


sleepJon Hamilton, NPR health correspondent, said. “For patients with serious brain injuries, there’s a strong link between sleep patterns and recovery.”  Studies have been conducted which suggests that bad sleep patterns can have negative consequences on the brain.  Furthermore, these studies also suggest that if hospitals took steps towards correcting sleep patterns then the brain might heal faster.   Nadia Gosselin mentions, “We know that sleep is necessary for the generation of new neurons and new connections between neurons in the brain,”  More lab tests need to be preformed to see if sleep really does help those with brain injuries recover more quickly.  With that said, ensure your body is getting regular and deep sleep.  When your body enters this stage of deep sleeping, it becomes restorative for your body.


Your body, and your brain, to what reacts to what you put in it.  Eating nutrient-rich foods and avoiding packaged and processed foods.  Proper nutrition will help feel more energetic and less drained.  In addition to that, aim to eat a brain healthy diet and get a spectrum of nutrients in your body such as magnesium, omega-3’s, and vitamin C.


When you exercise, you affect the brain in many different ways (positively!). It increases your heart rate, which, therefore, pumps more oxygen to your brain.  Furthermore, exercise aids the release of hormones, which encourage the growth of healthy brain cells.

Positive and Positive Affirmations

positive affirmationsReducing your levels of stress and resting when required is crucial for recovery.  When you pressure your body and mind with high stress and fatigue, you will feel more fatigued.  Focussing on the good in life and being around people who are encouraging and is one way reduce tress related fatigue.

Natural Supplements & Remedies

Next, you want to include some natural supplements and remedies to boost your recovery process.

Medications might be necessary, Amantadine for example, depending on your condition specifically, but if you are someone who wants to try and be as natural as possible with your recovery, then here are some great supplements to try.


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These are “Branched Chain Amino Acids.” People use them to assist with gym routines and muscle recovery, and it can be used for precisely the same reason with TBI.

They are a group of three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance.

There is some research behind the positive association between BCAAs and the brain, and it restoring cognitive abilities, which may be promising, so there is no harm in trying to see how it helps you.

Tualang Honey

Your brain needs simple carbohydrates for brain function, decision making and mood.  Tualang honey, however, reduced Neuroinflammation in lab rats and is a natural carbohydrate that gives the brain energy to process more and reduces the rate of fatigue.

Carbohydrates are used to provide the body with energy, so it’s no doubt that they can help with brain fatigue.

Other natural and nutritious carbohydrates include quinoa, bananas, sweet potatoes, and oranges.


Protein is necessary for your brain and body to function.  With that said, The human brain uses a lot of protein to function and process.  If you are low in protein levels, then you will likely lack optimal brain function – which isn’t good news for those of you with a TBI.

Eat protein-rich foods within your diet to enhance the recovery – lean proteins such as chicken, beans, lentils, eggs, nuts, fish, and Greek yogurt are healthy choices.


Over All

Overall, one of the most important parts of recovering from mental fatigue and brain fogginess with TBI is proper nutrition.

What To Avoid

After you incorporate some of those natural solutions, it’s still extremely important that you focus on avoiding certain other situations, including:

Little to no sleep
Too much stress
Sedative medications
Poor nutrition
No exercise

These can worsen your condition, and rather than rehabilitating, you might be doing the opposite.

Focusing on the recovery process and encouraging lifestyle changes that can help benefit this recovery will ultimately help you eliminate the mental fatigue and brain fogginess.

brain fog

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