Next Step Fitness

“Our mission is to provide clinical therapy services that is readily available to the public.”


After being discharged from the hospital, patients are often referred to outpatient rehab where further progress is made.  Therapists guide patients through a path of recovery until the intended goals are reached, the patient gets discharged, or insurance runs out.  Whatever the case may be, Next Step is the next step to recovery.


Next Step Fitness Center is a paralysis recovery center with seven locations throughout the United States and one site in New Zealand.  These specialized recovery centers cater to wide spectrum of injuries ranging from TBI, spinal cord injury, stroke, and many more ailments and injuries.  The objective of this recovery center is to develop functional strength that translates into increased mobility, independene, and quality of life.  Additionally, Next Step therapist target weak, or atrophied muscles to alleviate the patients dependence on medical equipment and other means of compensation as well.  Minimizing compensation and maximizing recovery is part of their core beliefs.  With that said, Next Step hosts state of he art gym equipment, personal trainers specialized in paralysis recovery, and the Lawndale location houses one of four Locomotor gait training systems in California.  Take a virtual tour in the video below.




Specialized Equipment

Locomotor Training – Locomotortraining utilizes a specialized un-weightening harness system positioned over an elevated treadmill.  Two therapist/technicians are positioned in special seating next to each leg and a third stands behind the harassed person to stabilize the hips.

The principle of locomotor training is to assist the stepping process by providing appropriate sensory cues to the flexor and extensor surfaces of the lower leg while in locomotion.  partial weight bearing (and un-weighting) allows for the freedom of movement and input through the feet.  Nueral retraining occurs as the nervous system re-learns motor patterns associated with walking.  Repetitive episodes increase overall fitness.



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