Lego’s are amazing for TBI. The Lego instructions challenge the executive functioning, looking for the pieces require visual scanning, putting the pieces together requires fine motor skills, and rotating the pieces to fit requires visual spatial planning as well.  Additionally, the activity in itself is wonderful recreational therapy.  Lego’s are available in a wide range of sizes and difficulty levels which provides a lot of opportunity for improvement.



Canva - Hiker Lego Miniature Outdoors (1).jpg

Canva - Hiker Lego Miniature Outdoors (1).jpg

My name is Nolan McDonnell and I am a TBI survivor. Lego’s have helped me a lot early on in my recovery, they would still be beneficial for me actually, and I wanted to share my experience because this information might be helpful to somebody else. There are a lot of games and toys that can be used in conjunction with your TBI treatment plan and you just have find what works best for you.

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