Brain Games and Exercises

brain gamesThere are many games that are healthy for the brain. These activities  are beneficial because they exercise the brain by retaining and manipulating information, execute plans, and create strategies to win,  all  of which are healthy qualities for the brain and essential to any positive brain development.

In fact, speech therapists often recommend brain games for helping to improve traumatic brain injuries. Following this type of injury to the brain, symptoms can include memory loss, uncoordination, stress, loss of focus, and much more.  Brain games can help combat these symptoms by improving upon them.

Any game that gets you to think strategically or to remember information is highly beneficial for healthy brain development.

CARD GAMESCard games are an excellent example of a brain game. These are not only fun to play, especially with other people, but simply by holding the cards and manipulating them is good for  the fine motor skills and dexterity that is often affected as a result of TBI.

This is a crucial aspect that many traumatic brain injury survivors need to commonly improve on.  But regardless of whether you have a brain injury or not, studies have shown that all can rein in the benefits of playing brain games.

This might be as simple as something like flashcards and remembering what pictures appear on them to something a little more complex, like sudoku.  With that said, here are some great cognitive games to help get you started:








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