Picture Picture

Picture Picture is a great game for working on visual scanning, thought processing, cognition, and hand writing. While looking a picture, players must identify objects and quickly fill in the alphabetized blanks on their sheets.  A great thing about this game is that it can be played alone because you are playing against time.  If you do choose to play with other people, however, this game is great for a social setting making it great recreational therapy as well.  With that said,  Picture Picture is Great way to build memory part of your brain, work on hand writing, visual scanning, and have fun at the same time.  Below is a demonstration of how the game works.


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My name is Nolan McDonnell, I am a TBI survivor, and this game has helped me with overcoming my spacial awareness problems, helped with my visual scanning challenges, it forced me to practice my handwriting in a fun environment, and I have had so many more benefits from this game si I wanted to share it with you.

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