imagesMelatonin, which you may know as the sleep hormone, can protect your brain. Some research indicates that melatonin can help keep brain cells from dying.  Melatonin is an antioxidant, it sucks up free radicals, and can help reduce inflammation of neurons, which can keep your brain healthy.  Additionally, brain inflammation is a common side effect of TBI, fish oil has been hailed as neurological anti inflammatory, however, meletonin has been given credit as an anti inflammatory agent as well.  With that said, studies suggest that melatonin may help brain swelling cases of Traumatic brain injury.  Melatonin is also being studied as a potential treatment for injuries to the central nervous system such as spinal cord injuries.  A different studies suggest that melatonin can help protect brains in people with Parkinson’s and stroke. Melatonin passes the blood brain barrier, so if you eat it, it will go to work in your brain.  There is one interesting fact, however,  that is worth pointing out.  NCBI says, “It is well established that melatonin is a neuroprotector with its potent antioxidant function and anti-inflammatory activity [,,,,,].”  You can get melatonin from your diet by eating the following foods:






Goji berries

Mustard seeds

Orange bell peppers






You can also take a melatonin supplement, although obviously it is better to take it at bedtime versus versing in the morning.



Study Reveals Low Levels of Melatonin in Those with TBI



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