Tens Machine

tens machneOne of the more recent and popularized methods for helping muscle atrophy is something called the “Tens Machine.” This is something that has proven to encourage the muscles out of atrophy.

It’s a relatively inexpensive machine at around $30 USD, but the benefits from it are incredible. To use it is simple – you put one electric sticker on one end of a muscle and another on the adjacent side. Then, it sends electric pulses into the muscle, essentially shocking it in a painless way.

This forces the muscle to contract, relax, and, therefore, force the muscle to activate. Even though it is involuntary, the muscle activates and establishes the mind-body connection.  Furthermore, because the muscle contracts and awakens out of atrophy, the muscle is building up in strength and muscle.



If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury and are experiencing ongoing muscle atrophy, you could start with these methods – especially the Tens Machine – to help reawaken and regenerate your muscle mass.


tens machne

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