Vitamin B-1

images (2)Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is a potent antioxidant- which you probably remember as the first thing that fights damaging free radicals.  Thiamine helps the body use carbohydrates effectively, and it is essential for metabolism. In fact, thiamine is often used to treat problems with metabolism.  A serious deficiency in vitamin B1 can result in brain problems.  Brain problems associated with vitamin B1 deficiency include confusion, memory loss, and mood changes such as apathy.  Additionally, some evidence supports the belief thiamine can help increase energy and improve learning.  People who drink a lot of alcohol might have a high risk of B1 deficiency.  The recommended dietary allowance for adults is 1.1 mg per day for women and 1.2 mg a day for men. You can find vitamin B1 in the following:





in cereal grains such oats and rice.


images (2)

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