Continuing Education After TBI

Eminem said, “I pray that God answers, maybe I’ll ask nicer.”  The eighteen months leading up to me having being my brains blown out I was working myself out of homelessness.  I had enrolled in college earning a 3.7 gpa, worked, volunteered, and rescued a dog from the desert. With that being said, this morning when I woke up bedridden I had found myself questioning hope, hero’s, and global religions.  I asked myself, “When ones heroes and gods die, where does an individual turn to break free from the abyss and overcome the threshold of which they fell under?” Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Being a bedridden, gunshot surviving, recovering quadriplegic is my gift acquired along the hero’s journey of my own.  Diving deeper in this thought I discovered that life is a luxury, the moment is a gift, and the past is a paying contribution to hero’s journey of which I embarked upon. With that being said, today, before the local college campus closed, I met with a counselor, made an education plan, and enrolled in this upcoming fall quarter. Today I realized when gods, heroes, and hopes die I have to have confidence in myself, supernatural aid, and be optimistic that the ups and downs in life will create the big picture of my life’s purpose.





First Class I Took

wheelchair workoutsI started going back to college by meeting with a guidance counselor in the DSPS office and finding out which classes were transferable from the last college I went to, talk about what classes I need to take to transfer to SJSU, I registered for three classes, and then we began discussing accommodations for those of us with disabilities.  Being a full-blown paraplegic at this time, and wanting to recover, while still being in a college environment, I chose to sign up for the Adaptive PE program at my community college. Another course I signed up to was an adaptive technology class that teaches those with disabilities how to use voice to text for writing papers, offer teaching classes for those with problems with our hands like I do, and they also introduced me to various Adaptive Technologies for those with disabilities that I never knew about.   Going this route, taking adapted PE and adaptive technology, was a great way for me to get my feet wet in a college setting. I was very dependent at this point of my recovery, to the point to where I did not know how I was going to go to the bathroom on my own because I was not capable of pushing myself to the restroom or handling the urinal on my own, however, I knew that this was a stepping stone toward the recovery and I wanted to go for it. With that said, this is my journey of going back to college and continuing my education after TBI.


Registering for My Next Class

wheelchair fitnessMy guidance counselor told me that  one of the classes I need to take is math.  With my brain injury, the most extensive damage was contained in to my executive functioning, the part of my brain that does math, so this is going to be my biggest obstacle to overcome in terms of graduating from college.  I am tempted to take math first just to get it out of the way because after that everything will be smooth sailing. Communication is my strong suit, which is my major, so if I get the math out of the way everything after that should be relatively simple compared to the math. so I am going to get on the registration portal right now and see what math classes are available because if I can get that out of the way and then the most stressful part will be over.



If you have any experience of returning to school, or work, after TBI PLEASE tell me about your experience in the commentes section below. I am very worried about over stimulatiin, a PTSD episode, or an anxiety attack.  Please tell me your tips and suggestions below.  THANK YOU!



wheelchair workouts

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