I Love Our President, Not His Ignorance

“I do not consider [TBI] very serious…. I have seen people horribly injured… No, I do not consider that [TBI] very serious, no.”

-President Donald Trump




TRUMP AND TBIThe Department of Defense and the Defense and Veteran’s Brain Injury Center estimate that 22% of all combat casualties from these conflicts are brain injuries.  On January 22, 2020 president Donald Trump had an opportunity to use his presidential platform to raise brain injury awareness to not only The people of the United States of America, but informed the world as a whole about the hardships involved with sustaining a Traumatic Brain injury.  During his press conference regarding the Iraqi missile attacks, which injured 50 US soldiers, President Trump had the audacity to disrespect the brain injured soldiers who risk their lives for his freedom.  Trump replied to one news reporter by saying, “I heard that they [the soldiers]had headaches, and a couple of other things…. “But I would say, and I can report, it’s not very serious. Not very serious.”  Trump continues to say that he has seen soldiers with no arms, no legs, and other horrific injuries.  With that said, diverting the attention from TBI, WHICH IS an INVISIBLE INJURY, to a soldier with a missing arm does not make a Traumatic brain injury any less important than visible injuries.  For example, I have a Traumatic brain injury and I cannot move my left arm, my right leg, or my left leg and that is because your brain controls your limbs, and if you are the president you should already know this.  With that said, traumatic brain injury needs increased social awareness because even the president of the United States of America has displayed to the rest of the world not only his ignorance regarding traumatic brain injury but he is also authoritative proof that there is not enough traumatic brain injury awareness in the world, even though we are undergoing a adaptive revolution in the United States of America.


how to overcome anxiety after tbi



14 thoughts on “I Love Our President, Not His Ignorance

    1. I voted for Trump actually. And just for future reference, attacking a person‘s character does not make you right. For example, if a Democrat calls you a little bitch and says that you are dying from AIDS does it make true?


    1. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, someone out there will proclaim how outraged they are, because they think it’s their job to be offended by every everything because It makes people feel important. No need to worry, nobody’s opinion is worth getting upset over, including yours 😂😂😂😂😂


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