Why Supplementation After A Traumatic Brain Injury Is Essential

supplements for traumatic brain injuryThere are many brain injury symptoms, fortunately, there are many vitamins that supports brain health.  The recovery of a traumatic brain injury can be increasingly overwhelmingly. It becomes crucial to establish an effective recovery process with the correct routines and solutions in place to help you get to a positive state of mind and physical wellbeing.  Supplementation is one of those critical routines. Without it, your recovery process will be significantly slower, and you might struggle to reach your goals for recovery overall.
supplements for traumatic brain injuryResearch has proven that when we take supplements for a particular issue, they can help to improve the symptoms, and in some cases, completely resolve the issue.
There are many different supplements to consider with this in mind, especially because each traumatic brain injury is never the same, and each requires its own specific supplements based on the circumstances around the injury.  For example, after a traumatic brain injury, the brain is typically left severely depleted of Magnesium. You might need a Magnesium supplement in this case, particularly if you aren’t gaining adequate levels from your food.
traumatic brain injUry supplementsBut there are also many other supplements that can help boost your overall brain health and recovery, such as omega 3, which improves cognition and memory. You can also assume that any “brain-food,” such as fatty fish and blueberries, are good for brain health. You will be able to find articles here on which nutrients/vitamins to take, too.
Taking supplements is also incredibly easy and convenient, as most will come in tablet form, which you simply swallow with some water or food. Then, as your body processes the supplement, you will begin to notice the benefits over consistent use.
If you have had a traumatic brain injury, you also might not be feeling very hungry, and maybe even nauseous. In this case, your body (and brain) probably isn’t getting the fuel, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function and heal properly. That’s when supplementation becomes essential.
magnesium for tbi treatmentHowever, it is also very important to remember that they are titled “supplements” for a good reason. Supplements should never be a replacement for a healthy diet. You should be “supplementing” them to a healthy diet for the best possible results. This way, your body and brain will absorb the supplements more effectively, and thus, you can drastically improve your recovery.
Take a look around at the various supplementation, nutrition, and vitamin articles to make an informed decision on which supplements are right for you and which foods can help you achieve recovery faster.





Fish Oil








White Willow

Vitamin A

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin D



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