White Willow

Over 30% of people report having headaches which continue long after injury. 


With a traumatic brain injury comes the inevitable symptom of headaches, which occur on a much more regular basis than the average person.  They are a common symptom after a TBI, often called “post-traumatic headaches.”

It’s not easy dealing with the struggles of headaches, let alone all of the other TBI symptoms like hypersensitivity and mental fatigue.

headacheHeadaches can also hinder the recovery process by adding stress and discouraging thoughts to the mind, increasing rest time, and potentially adding more prescriptions to the to the medication regimen.   One thing is certain, the headaches that come after TBI are not enjoyable.


Possible Solutions

It can be hard to determine the appropriate solution for your situation, so it is always best to seek professional advice.

However, starting off, here are a few natural solutions and homeopathic remedies that might help you find relief from headaches.


White Willow

white willowThis is a natural form of aspirin, it is the bark of the white willow tree.  White willow has been used for over 5,000 years as a powerful natural remedy to cure headaches, arthritis, improve heart health and skin health, and for many other painful illnesses.

White willow may be worth trying for your headache symptoms with its great success rate and ancient traditional use!



If you experience headaches after TBI, concussion headaches are common as well, then you might find natural solutions for headaches a valuable resource.

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